Rörstrand’s Porslinsfabriker AB/Alf Wallander, Symbolistic vase, 1897


Rare vase, designed by Rörstrand’s chief designer Alf Wallander
for the „Universal Art and Industrial Exhibition“, Stockholm, 1897,
executed by Rörstrand Porcelain Manufactory, Sweden, symbolistic
underwater decor, modelled with mermaid and subaquatic plants,
only known example of this model

h. 23 cm, d. 24 cm


„Rörstrand A. Wallander 1897“, painted by hand under
the bottom


Private collection Sweden

Public collections

Bröhan Museum Berlin


Bengt Nyström, Rörstrand Porcelain - Art Nouveau
Masterpieces, The Robert Schreiber Collection, foreword by
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Rörstrand Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden, Collection
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