About us

Gallery Philosophy

Gallery „Architectural Design 1900“ is mainly focused on the great architect designers at the turn of the century 1900, concentrating on artists far ahead of their times, whose modern, partly revolutionary designs can be qualified as „Bauhaus before Bauhaus“.

We present a wide selection of historically important and well documented works of art by famous architects from Vienna to Glasgow.


For sale are objects designed by

  • Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and Otto Prutscher, founders and members of the „Wiener Werkstätte“
  • Henry van de Velde, Peter Behrens and Richard Riemerschmid, leading representatives of modern and industrial design in Germany
  • Henrik Petrus Berlage, Jan Eisenloeffel and Michel de Klerk, forerunners of the „Nieuwe Kunst“ in The Netherlands
  • C. Dresser, E. W. Godwin, C. R. Ashbee and C. R. Mackintosh, leading figures of the Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts Movement in England and Scotland

Important works of art from the Art Nouveau period

In addition to pure design objects we offer further selected art works of great rarity and highest museum quality made during the Art Nouveau period.

We concentrate on art works which attracted great attention from the contemporary public and got excellent reviews by connoisseurs at art exhibitions and world fairs as Paris 1900, St. Louis 1904 or Brussels 1910.

For sale are master pieces of

  • Art Nouveau porcelain by world famous manufactories like Meissen, KPM, Rörstrand and Rozenburg
  • Decorative works on paper by much sought after illustrators as Maurice Denis, Alphonse Mucha or Eugene Grasset
  • Rare and outstanding works in glass and other materials.