Henry van de Velde, Three pieces cutlery set, model I, 1902


Silver, handmade

Ensemble of the famous cutlery model I, van de Velde designed
for the court jeweller Theodor Müller in Weimar, executed by
Koch & Bergfeld, Bremen. A cutlery service of this model was
donated to the Grand Duke of Thuringia on the occasion of his
wedding in April 1903.

Fruit knife, 18 cm
Cake fork, 16 cm
Cream spoon, 17 cm


Impressed number 84 and artist’s signet, IM (F)


British art market

Public collections

Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen,
Bröhan Museum Berlin, Musee d’Orsay Paris (similar pieces)


Henry van de Velde, Interior Design and Decorative Arts,
A catalogue raisonné in six volumes, Volume I: Works in Metal,
pag. 292 - 294,, pag. 325 - 331, -

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