Art Nouveau porcelain, Vereinte Kunstgewerbler Darmstadt, tea service “Herzblatt” decor


Vereinte Kunstgewerbler Darmstadt

Tea Service with blue „Herzblatt“ decor, 1902

For 6 persons

Rare tea service designed by Hans Günther Reinstein in 1902
(shape and likely decor), executed by Rosenthal porcelain factory.
Reinstein established together with Alfred Koch and C. F. Meier
the artists group „ Vereinte Kunstgewerbler Darmstadt“.
The service was exhibited at the world fair 1904 in St. Louis where
it got excellent reviews.

The tea service comprises 17 pieces
(including coffee pot 18 pieces):

Tea pot
Sugar bowl
Milk jug
Cream jug
Cake plate with handles
Plates (6)
Tea cups and saucers (6)

Addition: Coffee pot


Center pieces and two plates marked under the bottom
„Vereinte Kunstgewerbler Darmstadt“, cups, saucers and four plates
marked „Rosenthal“, tea pot not marked


Ferdinand Neess Collection, Germany

Public collections

Museum Künstlerkolonie Darmstadt;
Bröhan Museum Berlin; Kestner-Museum Hannover


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