Fritz Hoeber/Peter Behrens „Peter Behrens“, monograph by Fritz Hoeber, 1913


Red morocco leather, front side, backside and spine with gilded
monograms of the architect and publisher, book cut gilded

h. 32,5 cm, w. 26,5 cm, d. 3,0 cm

Extremely rare luxury edition of the monograph „Peter Behrens“
by Fritz Hoeber, bound in red morocco leather. Frontispiece:
lithograph portrait of the architect Peter Behrens by Max Liebermann,
pencil signed: Peter Behrens. Published by Georg Müller and Eugen
Rentsch, Munich, printed by J. Schön, Munich.

Only five examples known, all in private collections


Pencil signed: Peter Behrens


Art market Germany

Public collections

Not known


Roland Jaeger, „Peter Behrens“ (1913) von Fritz Hoeber
und die Monographienreihe „Moderne Architekten“, in: Aus dem
Antiquariat, Neue Folge 8 (2010) Nr. 3/4, pag. 141 - 148

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