Ensemble „Glasses, designed by Architects“, 1900 – 1914


Josef Hoffmann, Otto Prutscher, Peter Behrens, Albin Müller

Clear glass, freehand blown, partly cut and with coloured layers

h. 18 cm - 21,5 cm

Rare ensemble of five glasses in excellent condition, designed by
some of the most famous architects at the turn of the century 1900,
commissioned and executed by the leading glass galleries and
manufactories at that time as Lobmeyr and Bakalowits or
Meyr’s Neffe, Köln-Ehrenfeld and Benedict von Poschinger.

From left to right:

Josef Hoffmann, goblet, h. 19 cm
Peter Behrens, wine glass, h. 21,5 cm
Albin Müller, wine glass, h. 20 cm
Otto Prutscher, wine glass, h. 21 cm
Peter Behrens , water glass, h. 18 cm


Not marked


Austrian and German art market

Public collections

MAK Vienna, MAK Cologne, Museum Künstler-
kolonie Darmstadt, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf: Glass Collection Hentrich


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